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In the World of Shadowmere, you control the thrones of many Kingdoms in a fantasy land. Rule over their armies of orcs, elves, trolls and many more races. Guide your forces to positions of unassailable strength, join legendary alliances and take control of the world. You, are a Shadowlord.

Arrogant Beginnings

You stride purposefully through the massive, open castle gate. Guards, peasants and adventurers alike pay you no heed, as is the power of the Shadowlord. Unnoticeable to all minds but those you choose. Unchallenged, you locate the throne room, walk right by a dozen courtiers and march up to the Queen. Today, she will issue a new command. Yours. You whisper into her mind:

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A Valuable Lesson

Before the Queen can even speak, a score of heavily armed royal guards charge into the room, swords drawn. They are clearly wary of you, but determined. How can this even be? You notice at the far end of the room a hooded figure almost completely camouflaged against a bright mural. Another Shadowlord, already here! And so powerful you hadn't noticed them... they raise a hand in your direction.

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Long Path To Greatness

From the hand of the other Shadowlord comes a blinding white spell in the shape of an expanding circle. A portal? Oh a portal, no! You attempt to jump in another direction but it is too late. One moment and a great flash of white later you land on the side of a muddy, country road. Presumably now thousands of leagues away from your target. Dismayed, you stand and discover yourself on a hill overlooking a rather large town you've never seen before. You cannot quite tell who populates it, but they will be your people soon enough. You walk in that direction. There is no other choice.

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You should only ever have one Shadowlord (User account for logging in). Within the game this will allow you to make many different Kingdoms, but please don't make secondary logins/User accounts. (It's against the rules.)

This Shadowlord name will be how you appear in Chat and game Forums, so select a name you are very happy with. Maximum length is twelve characters. Do not use spaces or special characters.

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