Shadowmere Tales The fantasy World of Shadowmere is full of glorious Kingdoms engaging in warfare, magic, building, study and diplomacy. While all vying for ultimate supremacy of the realm. You rule the Kingdom. You set the path. You enact the strategy.

You tell the Tale.


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OriginatorDan Kavanaugh
ArtistTim (Timet) Etchison
ArtistJaan (Dogma) Talvet
ProgrammerRichard (Kol) Yule
ProgrammerThomas (Stein) Papenmeier
Current ControllerRick (Azmodean) Edwards
Art AssetsPetro Semeshchuk
Art AssetsChristophe Vacher

The Rules

Introduction and basic conditions

General Rules

Game specific rules:

Admins/overlords/leadership group:


Please note that these rules were not created to restrict the playability of the game. They were created to level the playing field and to improve the overall game experience for everyone playing.